The warranted concern that many residents and government officials have with several New Orleans Saints players and their decision to not stand for the National Anthem will have to be tempered for a little while longer.  Attorney General Jeff Landry and at least two other state legislators have called for a review of the Saints binding agreements with the State of Louisiana. That's not going to happen anytime soon.

The next meeting of Louisiana's Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget is set for October 20th. That body is the one charged with overseeing state agreements with private entities such as the New Orleans Saints football team. That committee does not have a review of the Saints agreement on its agenda for the October 20th meeting.

To be truthful, there are discussions that are ongoing about the Saints, the Anthem, the contracts, and the controversy. They just aren't taking place in the bright lights of the court of public opinion. My guess is they will keep those discussions in the dark until the last possible moment or a solution that makes all sides look good has been achieved or the most likely scenario, the Anthem issue falls off the radar of the public.

Do you really think Louisiana politicians will jeopardize money in order to give the people what they want? Well, so far it hasn't happened and if I were you I wouldn't be holding my breath for a sudden epiphany of altruism from the legislature, the legislative committees or the New Orleans Saints.

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