Time is running out to file your federal income taxes, but procrastinators have a couple extra days.

Baton Rouge Tax Preparer Brandon Lagarde says tax day is traditionally April 15, but it falls on a Saturday this year, which means the deadline would usually be Monday. But he says the nation’s capital will observe Emancipation Day on Monday.

“So the IRS is closed on Monday, which means that we actually have until Tuesday, April 18 file our taxes,” Lagarde said.

Lagarde says taxpayers that need an extension, can file paperwork to do so, but if they owe the federal government, then April 18th is the deadline for taxpayers to submit payment to the federal government. He says there are tools on the IRS website that can help determine what you might owe or if you will receive a refund check.

“So if you’re going to get a refund, then you don’t have to pay anything by April 18, and you can just get an extension of time to file,” Lagarde said.

Lagarde says if you need help filing your taxes at the last minute, you could be in trouble. He says his office and most CPAs around the state are extremely busy. But he says they will do what they can to help.

“More likely than not, they will get you to file an extension, try to get the best number they can get to see if you owe anything. Right now is certainly not the time to schedule an hour meeting with a CPA to go over your taxes,” Lagarde said.


State returns are not due until May 15.

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