The Acadia Parish Animal Control have teamed up the Humane Society of Louisiana and have announced they've set up a fun for a dog who was horribly dragged behind a car in Eunice.

KATC reports the pet's owner, who wishes to remain unidentified, let someone walk her dog, a 3-year-old pit bull, on April 6th, but he allegedly never returned with her dog. The next day, the woman found her in a ditch on on Ardoin Rd. She immediately brought her dog to the Northside Vet Clinic in Eunice looking for help. Tim Benoit, Director of the Acadia Animal Control, received a call from the clinic and when he checked the dog out he found the dog's injuries "extremely serious injuries consistent with being dragged behind a moving vehicle".

The woman told the clinic she couldn't afford to pay them for the treatment her dog needed.

From KATC -

"Realizing that the dog needed immediate care, Benoit, in turn, contacted the Humane Society of Louisiana and explained the situation. The Humane Society, based out of New Orleans, readily agreed to pay for the dog's medical care. The dog suffered multiple 'road burns' along his body, had open lesions and burns on the pads of his paws. Large areas of the dog's fur had been rubbed off, exposing dark, burnt skin."

To make this even sadder, the dog's owner, knowing she can't afford the care her poor dog needs, surrender the pet to The Acadia Animal Shelter. They will house the dog and continue to treat and nurse him back to health.

The Humane Society has agreed to pay for the on-going medical care, and has started a medical fund for the dog, which you can get to, and make a donation HERE. Checks or money orders can also be sent to the Humane Society of Louisiana, P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA 70174. All donations are tax deductible.

Once the dog makes a full recovery, he will be available for adoption. You think we can adopt this ole boy and gift him back to her owner?

Now, if you have any information as to who the scumbag, heartless idiot is who did this, PLEASE call the Acadia Animal Control Department at 337-788-1073

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