A heartbreaking picture that shows the devastating effects of heroin is making the rounds on social media.

Police in East Liverpool, Ohio posted a picture on Facebook of a couple passed out in their car from a heroin overdose -- while a four-year-old boy sat in the backseat.

An off-duty officer had begun tailing their car last week after noticing it had been erratic on the roadway. Police pulled the couple over after they nearly hit a school bus.

The adults in question are the boy's grandmother Rhonda Pasek, 50, and her 47-year-old boyfriend, James Acord.

Acord said he was taking Pasek, who was unconscious, to the hospital. During the stop, he also began to pass out.

EMTs were summoned and revived the couple, who were both arrested.

Accord, who pleaded no contest on to driving under the influence and endangering children, was sentenced to 180 days for each charge and fined $475. Pasek pleaded not guilty to charges of endangering children and disorderly conduct.

The child has been placed in the custody of a family friend.

As for why it decided to take the photos public, the police said it was because the look in the boy's eyes "needed to be seen."

This isn't the first time police have gone public with a shocking image of what heroin can do. Earlier this year, authorities outside Philadelphia shared a video of cops saving the life of a man who overdosed while riding on a bus.

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