Down frontman and metal icon Philip Anselmo issued a video update while smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana. Anselmo initially issued the clip a few days ago, but the audio quality was poor and indiscernible. It has since been republished with better audio quality. Of course, Anselmo’s description of the storm was peppered with eff bombs, but he provided a first-person perspective, and one that is uniquely Anselmo, of what life is like during a hurricane.

“Philip H. Anselmo here dealing with this f—ing a—hole Hurricane Isaac” is how he introduced the clip. Would you expect anything other than a blunt intro such as that? He referenced 60 mph winds and powerlines being downed, joking that he reverted to the medieval times… of YouTube! While things were dangerous, modern technology still managed to prevail for the time being.

He pointed out the trees hanging over his “prehistoric” swimming pool and called the storm “fun” with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. But he worried that if trees buckled and fell, it could put him and his home out of commission for a bit.

The Pantera legend is wearing a dark rain slicker that obscured most of his face, but there is no mistaking that booming voice of his. It’s distinctly Philip, just like his point of view.

His ending salvo is his most simple and most poignant. “We deal with it here at Housecore Records…so f— it,” he said.

What else can you do, right? When you are in the middle of a hurricane and in the eye of a storm, you just have to deal.

Who needs sanitized news reports when you can get a first person account from someone who’s living through it?

Watch Philip Anselmo Report on Hurricane Isaac

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