So far the app is only somewhat worthy in Winnipeg, Canada. It allows you to snap a picture of someone parked illegally, and "report" them in hopes of getting a piece of the fine. Keep reading to find out more about the parking snitch app.

From Inquisitr:

parking snitch app has been proposed for the busybodies of Winnipeg, Canada so that they can use their smartphones to rat out fellow citizens who have parked illegally. Co-founder Chris Johnson of the app developing company announced Tuesday that the new SpotSquad app would allow you to snap pictures of people parked in handicapped spaces or beside fire hydrants — and then send the information to police in exchange for a percentage of the fine.

“If you can snap a picture and make $8, who’s not going to do that?” Johnson asked.

However, the cheeky Canadian also acknowledged that he hadn’t yet signed an agreement with anyone to make sure that you’d actually get a piece of the money if you reported the parking violator.

Would you use this app for a cut of the fine if it were released in Acadiana?