A very popular location in Lafayette is saying "No" to those of you that play the game Pokemon Go.

Parc Lafayette, which is located in south Lafayette off of Kalistee Saloom, elected to have the it's location cleared in the development of the smartphone game.

According to the report on KLFY-TV, the shopping area has worked with many that frequent the park, and businesses to play the game, but due to safety issues, Parc Lafayette has elected to no longer offer the game to users.

Some businesses may still elect to offer "Pokestops" in their shops, but you will not find as many items out in the park or around the area off of Kalistee Saloom.

I went out there last Sunday evening and it was PACKED!! I can see why the developers and business people were concerned for the safety of others.

So many people were playing the game while driving around the property, thus putting many pedestrians in the area in harms way.

Several who used Parc Lafayette as a Pokestop have gone to social media to discourage other's from shopping in the area, yet other's understand why the game will no longer be available in the popular shopping area.

If you are playing the game, please be safe out there and respect the property of other's. After all, it is just a game. Right?

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