The video is not for the squeamish.

In the video, you see the UPS guy drop off some packages at a house. Then, you see the thieving SOBs pull up just passed the house. As the passenger gets out of the vehicle, she runs over to the door. Thankfully, there are cameras at this particular house, so we get to witness her instant karma.

When she slipped, it completely either blew out her knee or straight broke her leg. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The ONLY bad part of this is her sleazy partner in crime that lugged her back to the vehicle, also went back for the packages. I'm sure the police can put that woman's face together with the hospital visits around the same time as the video was taken. There's no WAY she can skip going to the hospital with an injury like that.

The thieves pull up around the 30-second mark.

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