Cajuns are fun, caring, food-loving people but we can say some crazy stuff. When it comes to communication and the way we speak, an outsider might be lost, to say the least. One almost has to be from our neck of the woods to "get it".

There's no place like Acadiana. You can travel far and wide and you will never find an area of the globe quite like Lafayette and Acadiana. To describe us as "unique" would be an understatement. Our food, music, the way we talk...all indigenous to South Louisiana.

42 Things Only a Cajun Would Say

You think Dick Faurot is still alive?

Inside the Heymann Center, what color is that?

You put okra in your gumbo?

Where's Wayne Toups playing this weekend?

How many roundabouts we got now?

Y'all remember the Purple Peacock?

Whatever happened to Chuck Hubner?

You got a pressure washer?

Luke Bryan or Garth?

Photo by John Medina/Getty Images
Photo by John Medina/Getty Images

That mattress you picked up on the side of the road, you sleep good on that?

You saw Walmart had t-shirts for a dollar?

That Lafayette is somethin' else, you know you can watch a movie in a recliner like at ya house?

Bruh, can you believe we can't cross the basin too fast now?

Do you think if they put some vaseline on the Cajundome roof it'll stay white?

Them people playing fiddles in parking lots, they really playin'?

Wanna see my new tattoo? It's my password.

Them rims that stick way out, how you think that fits in a garage?

Texan Wire Wheels
Texan Wire Wheels

Cowboys is still open?

How many carwashes Lafayette got now?

You saw they trying to smooth out HWY 90?

What you did with those shrimp?

How they remember all what they say on TV, they gotta memorize all that?

Is your tree making figs this year?

Take a picture like Sharon Moss, what's that mean?

Hey Siri, how you get to Hawk's?

You missed a good stew, you had your phone off?

You take the vein out?

When y'all moving to Youngsville?

Y'all been to Graceland? We been twice.

How much money you think Blake Shelton got?

The COVID got you yet?

What they use Blackham Collisium for now?

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

You had insurance?

When they told you your co-pay, you ever asked 'um to pay half?

How long you think that blue tarp will last?

You scared to cross that bridge in Lake Charles?

Y'all ever went to Kingfish?

I gotta go to the store, your lawnmower got gas?

How long you let that boil?

Y'all like Tee Nah Nah?

Ya mama still cuts hair?

On y'alls cruise, y'all gained weight?

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