More scares are coming your way thanks to the upcoming release of a downloadable content episode called 'The Whistleblower' for Outlast.

Red Barrels has revealed that the Whistleblower DLC will be coming the chute for a May 6 release. Outlast players on PC and PlayStation 4 can grab the DLC for the price of $8.99.

The DLC takes players back to Mount Massive Asylum and will "challenge their sense of safety and comfort as they encounter firsthand the corporate conspiracies and deranged experiments that led to the blood-soaked halls original protagonist Miles Upshure faced."

Players will actually get to meet Waylon Park, the software engineer who was responsible for getting Upshur to the Asylum in the original game, a few weeks into his time at Mount Massive. Park is actually the titular whistleblower who gets sick of all the experiments he witnesses at the hands of profit-minded scientists.

See where it all began when the DLC becomes available on May 6. You'll also be able to pick up the original game at a discount on PC next week, so keep your eye on the Red Barrels website for details.

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