Did this kid get what he was asking for?

It's the young boy that the internet has dubbed a "hellspawn" for his out of control antics that were caught on video and posted to Twitter. There isn't much of an official backstory but according to multiple sources the kid was messing with cars in the area and when the man came to confront him all hell broke loose.

The kid taunts, punches, pushes and antagonizes the man until he simply can't take it anymore. He allegedly called the kid's mother, but the kid kept pushing and hurling NSFW language at the man until he couldn't take it anymore.

The man defended himself and shoved the kid away from him, throwing him to the ground where the kid sang a completely different tune—crying on the ground.

He eventually got up, violently yelled at another female adult and claimed "child abuse" before walking away.

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? Was the man out of line for defending himself against the child? How would you have handled the situation?

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