Any child of the 1980s has dreamed of having their very own transforming robot, preferably Optimus Prime, the heroic tractor trailer who leads the Autobots in Transformers. Of course, robots do not exist, much less one that can transform into vehicles or planes or boom boxes. But this gets you about as close as is humanly possible: Someone is selling the actual Optimus Prime truck featured in the 2018 movie Bumblebee.

You’ll find it for sale over on Facebook (as spotted by The listing says it does need some work, including “new driver's side door, some fenders, lower section of the grill” that could cost around $2000. But it also claims it is a “very strong running truck” and that “this truck was featured in the ending scene of the motion picture Bumblebee, so it is the legitimate Optimus Prime.”

The accompanying image does indeed look exactly like the Optimus seen in the movie:


Asking price: $21,600 or a “REASONABLE” offer. (So don’t try to trade your G1 collection for it, that’s not going to work.) Given that this is the greatest Autobot in history we’re talking about, that price sounds like a steal. If you love Transformers, and/or you are thinking about getting into the long-hauling business, this could be the deal of a lifetime for you. Again, he can’t transform. But he will definitely roll out. You could always drive it around making that chuk-chuk-chuk-chuk transforming noise with your mouth.

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