This kid is doing with one arm what I probably can't do with two.

You might remember the one-handed pitcher Jim Abbott who played in the Major Leagues in the 90's. He would wear his glove backward over his arm, and put it on over his hand after he pitched. Dude was good.

This kid, though, only has one arm. 15-year-old Luke Terry is a baseball sensation. He catches with his left arm, flips the ball into the air while throwing is glove off, and catches the ball with his bare hand to throw.

Even parents of opposing teams are amazed at Luke's performance, and think he should get the recognition he deserves.

When Luke was only 19 months old, he contracted E Coli that began eating at his arm. After multiple hospital trips, and flat-lining three times, he lost his right arm. Now, against the odds, he's the starting catcher for Cornersville Middle School in Lewisburg, Tennessee and bats third.

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