Authorities are refuting a WBRZ-TV report that a 13-year-old child was raped by an inmate in a bathroom during last month’s Angola Rodeo.

Officials say the State Police Crime Lab through DNA testing determined no sexual contact occurred between the minor and prisoner. At a news conference, District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla lashed out a local TV reporter.

"The only allegations of rape was by an irresponsible, immature news reporter, Chris Nakamoto.  He said he has interviewed people that provided information that a rape occurred.  We have no information of that."

West Feliciana Sheriff Austin Daniel says an investigation started when it was observed a 13-year and an inmate walked out of a bathroom together. Daniel says they are not sure why the two were in bathroom together, but there is no evidence that sexual contact occurred.

"Both the inmate and the juvenile both said there was no sexual contact.  There was no hugging, no kissing, nothing whatsoever."

Angola Warden Darrel Vannoy is upset that WBRZ accused him of covering up a rape.

"Did I cover up the rape of a 13-year-old child?  That is ridiculous.  I have a daughter and two granddaughters  I would never stoop to being that low.  It's really an offensive question."

Vannoy said that they are still investigating why the prisoner, Laderrick Davis and minor were in the bathroom together. Davis was transferred to another prison for his safety following the news report. The DOC is reviewing policies surrounding the annual Angola Rodeo.

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