Is it bad that what we're most fascinated with in this video is the stupid lettering MTV used to use back when they had musicians and shows involving music on their network? We imagine some executive working on developing MTV's "style" and using the word "funky" a lot to describe what they thought the kids were into back then.

But seriously, the above video is pretty entertaining. It's kind of difficult to imagine a time without Nirvana's 'In Utero,' but it's true -- before 1993, it didn't exist. When it came out, MTV went to a college to find out what people thought of the album. Then they showed those fan reactions to the trio. A lot of the feedback was positive, but where's the fun in that?

One guy said he liked the music but wasn't so impressed with Kurt Cobain's lyrics. He said they sounded "thrown in" and didn't make much sense to him. He did concede that perhaps there was some deeper meaning that he just wasn't getting, and he thought that maybe if he was stoned, he might have gotten more out of the words.

Then the song 'Rape Me' came up. We're, uh, just going to skip that one. We like to keep things lighthearted around here.

The fellows also talk a bit about their choice to record with legendary studio dude Steve Albini. Cobain said Albini helped the band achieve a specific sound they'd been looking for, and they were drawn to Albini because of his work with bands like the Breeders and the Pixies. He also said they paid Albini $2 million.

And in case you've forgotten how awesome 'In Utero' is, here's the video for 'Heart-Shaped Box.'

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