How does he DO that???

Jon Dorenbos plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. He's also a badass amateur magician in his spare time.

I say badass, because this trick that he does is some next level stuff!

He starts with having the judges draw anything their minds are thinking of onto a poster board that he can't see.

He then proceeds to correctly choose who drew what.

That might not be terribly impressive. So, he continues. He brought out a bottle with him when he came out, and placed on the judges table. He then had Simon break the bottle, and pull out it's contents. Within the bottle was an envelope.

He has Simon open the envelope to reveal exactly what Simon had drawn! It was a crappy looking machine-gun dog.

But he still wasn't done! He then has Simon open the "secret" sleeve of the envelope to reveal three other cards. Those cards reveal the names, and pictures of what the other three drew!

How's your mind?

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