Tony Hardy once served as the Chief of Police in Abbeville, and he will be sworn in today as a new councilman. Many are questioning whether or not this is a good thing, after he was caught making a homophobic slur on a video obtained by KLFY.

The slur was said during a fight at a bar during the time in which Hardy was running for the councilman's seat.

The video shows Hardy saying to the man,

Hey queer boy, hey queer boy. You'll never get a [bleep] chance like that again. You'll never get another chance like that. I'll hurt you next time, [bleep].

Hardy can then be hear saying to a police officer,

Hey, I'm not doing nothing. Do your [bleep]ing job. Bring that [bleep] to jail, bring this queer to jail.

When officers got to the scene the two men were verbally sparring, but the bar owner didn't want anyone thrown out. The bar owner simply asked for the two to be separated. While they were talking to the bar owner, Hardy got into another verbal sparring match with a different person.

This situation then escalated as the body camera video from the officer shows these two punching and pushing each other. The people in the bar said Hardy didn't throw the first punch, but he was antagonizing that person. Neither man decided to file charges.

No one was arrested. What happens now is anyone's guess. Will the council have anything to say about what Hardy said to someone he was in a verbal altercation with?

We will keep you posted on the details as they develop.

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