Jona Rechnitz, a New York Giants fan, was so sure that the Giants were going to start out with a safety against the Patriots in Super Bowl 46 that he bet $1,000 on it. With 50/1 odds. And we all know what happened the first time Tom Brady touched the ball in that game, right? Homeboy took home $50,000 for that insane bet! But it's all going to a good cause...Rechnitz is already a successful real estate company owner, and plans on giving his winnings to charity!

Inquisitr says:

"...including $5,000 for Brady’s charities of choice and $5,000 to the charities of choice for the Giants defensive linemen who forced the safety.
Jona also says he would love to take Tom Brady out to an all-expenses paid dinner.
After taxes the remaining sum of winnings will be donated to charities that help the less fortunate in the United States.
The gambler says he doesn’t put a lot of money down on the table, in fact he only makes one football bet each year and it’s always on the Super Bowl."

This dude is awesome! I hope his luck continues!

And this video won him $50,000!

And here's one more picture of 'Extra' host Maria Menounos in that bikini she donned today after losing a bet.

Maria Menounos

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