According to Developing Lafayette, Waffle House plans to build a second non-interstate location in the area.

Waffles are delicious, and I haven't been able to find a better waffle making establishment besides Waffle House. So, yes, another location is definitely exciting to me.

Most Waffle Houses are located not far from an interstate. I guess Lafayette has proved that it's not as interstate-heavy as some cities, yet we love waffles, so why wouldn't they add more locations?

The new Waffle House location will be at 6407 Johnston St., between BB’s Auto and Percy Guidry’s, in front of the Bellevue Plantation subdivision.

There is, of course, an "interstate Waffle House" just off of the Ambassador Caffery exit. We also currently have a non-interstate Waffle House located at 2149 W. Pinhook Rd.

Oh, and the ever-growing Carencro will be getting their own Waffle House soon too.

Look, obviously it's good enough for Chris Rock and the late great Anthony Bourdain. So, I'm all in.

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