Acadiana is known for it's fondness of drinking. Now, a new company aims to kick it up a notch by producing one of the spirits folks around here enjoy so much. 26 year old Cole Leblanc and 35 year old David Meaux, both land men in the oilfield industry, have teamed up to form Rank Wildcat Spirits, and have begun production of 'Sweet Crude' rum at a small shop in Broussard. They hope to have bottles available for sale soon.

According to the companies' website, "We  formed  Rank  Wildcat  Spirits,  LLC  in  mid-2011  with  the  intent  to  get  licensed  and  begin  making  and  selling  liquor.   We  tackled  the  application  aggressively  and  received  our  federal  license  in  early  February,  2012.   Parish  and  state  licenses  were  not  far  behind  and,  before  we  knew  it,  we  were  open  for  business  as  the  second  fully  licensed  and  operational  distillery  in  Louisiana!"

Congrats, guys!

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