There is life after Higgins as St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers aired their first segment since the departure of 'Uncle Clay' as their spokesperson.

As we reported weeks ago, Major Eddie Thibodeaux is the new face of St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers. Thibodeaux understands the popularity of Clay Higgins may make it hard to fill his shoes, but he took over the position with the intent to serve his community to the fullest.

As the new PIO, Thibodeaux's demeanor is a humble one and he gives equal credit to those who do work outside of the spotlight.

I’m only the spokesman. The real men and women of Crime Stoppers are the dispatchers, patrolmen and the detectives.

As always if you can assist in this case, or any future case with information on any St. Landry Parish Crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 948-8477.

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