Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins has remained mostly quiet about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His first statement about the international crisis was an single sentence criticizing President Joe Biden. His second comment, released on Sunday, is confounding Twitter users and some of the nation's top wordsmiths.

On Thursday, seven of Louisiana's eight congressmen issued statements about the Ukraine crisis. Rep. Higgins (R-Lafayette) was the only one who did not issue an official statement. His office told USA Today Network that he was out of the country on official business. That claim is backed up by a Facebook post published to Higgins's official page on Wednesday, February 23, one day before Russia began its assault on Ukraine. In it, Higgins says he's somewhere along the Persian Gulf to conduct "high-level meetings" to help get Americans stranded in the Middle East during the American withdrawal of Afghanistan "back home."

Three days later, Rep. Higgins published a second tweet about the Ukraine situation. In this one, he attacks younger Americans with little to no recollection of the Cold War.

That tweet has since attracted attention from outside of Rep. Higgins's Third Congressional District. Specifically, Rep. Higgins's use of grammar and syntax has left some of American's top lexicographers scratching their heads.

"We’re not entirely sure what this tweet is supposed to mean, and we’re literally the dictionary," the tweeters behind Dictionary.com's page wrote.

The wordsmiths' roast of Rep. Higgins went viral quickly. Others with blue checkmarks next to their names piled on by criticizing or poking fun at the congressman.

As of this publication, Rep. Higgins has not responded to any of these tweets.

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