The New Orleans Saints are celebrating the career of Reggie Bush as student-athletes across the country can now profit off of their name and likeness. With the new NCAA rule in place, many on social media are demanding that the NCAA return Bush's Heisman trophy.

Before I get into this story, you should definitely hear from the man himself @ReggieBush first.

Now that you know how Bush feels, we can get into what his former NFL team had to say. See their post to Twitter via @Saints below.

The caption, "Good day to highlight Reggie Bush's greatness at USC" is an obvious reference to the fact that the NCAA now allows student-athletes to get paid.

Reggie Bush had his Heisman trophy taken away, along with his records stripped, by the NCAA for violations related to receiving payments while playing football at the University of Southern California.

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Since the announcement that the NCAA would be allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name and likeness, Reggie Bush's name has been tossed around across social media. Clearly, people are seeing something in Bush having to sit in his retirement from football without his Heisman trophy or records in place from his time in college now that student-athletes are allowed to make money.

@ReggieBush made it clear that he was aware of the irony of the situation with the below Twitter post.

But, Bush got more serious with his feelings on the new rules as he still sits without the Heisman trophy he won during his legendary college career. See his full statement below.

With Bush and his team in contact with the NCAA and The Heisman Trust, it seems as though the association has no intentions of reinstating the USC legend's records or giving back his Hesiman trophy.

New Orleans Saints and USC Trojans fans aren't the only ones who believe that Bush should get his Heisman back in the wake of the rule-change in the NCAA.

See Twitter posts that show how some prominent figures feel below.

Of course, there are some on social media giving out the argument of, "It was illegal then, so the punishment was justified. Why give his trophy back?" and to that argument, I say - GO KICK ROCKS!

The NCAA screwed up when they took away Bush's Heisman in the first place and they now have the opportunity to make things right. We already know that the NCAA folds under pressure, as they did with the decision to pay student-athletes that many states across the country were already making on their own, so I believe that with enough noise coming at them regarding Reggie Bush's Heisman - he may eventually get the trophy back.

San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints - December 3, 2006
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No matter what, Bush will go down as one of the best college football players to ever grace the gridiron. New Orleans Saints will remember everything he contributed to the team during his time in the Big Easy, especially after he retired a Saint and will be a life-long member of the #WhoDatNation.

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