It was recently announced that Caesars will have the naming rights of the Superdome and now we are beginning to see changes in the dome.

As we rapidly approach the 2021-22 NFL season, crews in and around the Superdome have been making the changes needed so that Ceasars are well-represented when fans return to the dome in New Orleans.

A number of signs and banners have been erected in the dome and changes are even coming to the exterior of the dome. Many fans say that the new sponsor's name doesn't sound right, while tagged to the Superdome, but as time goes I think things will ultimately start to flow better.

The Superdome will welcome fans back on August 23 when the Saints host their first preseason game of the year.  

Now, while work continues to be done on the dome in preparation for the changes, here's what fans can expect once all of the changes are complete in New Orleans. And by the looks of it, the dome looks refreshed.

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