Jon Dorenbos, who was a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years before being traded to the New Orleans Saints, will have his life documented in a new movie that is being fast tracked by producer Mike Tollin (Radio, Coach Carter, Varsity Blues).

You may remember Dorenbos for a couple of reasons. When he was traded to the Saints last August, Saints doctors found an aortic aneurysm during a physical. This potentially deadly condition required heart surgery, prompting him to retire.

You may also remember the former long snapper as a magician. He appeared on America's Got Talent, performing a truly amazing magic trick. He also appeared on Ellen. His charm and talent lent to some fun television.

Not being able to play football anymore, Dorenbos was in the locker room after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, celebrating with his former teammates. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie promised him a Super Bowl ring, saying that he is an Eagle for life, and helped them get to where they were.

But being an NFL player moonlighting as a magician can't be all that's needed to get your life made into a movie. Otherwise there would be plenty of other sports players with their own movie. What more can you add?

Dorenbos has over come tremendous tragedy in his life. One instance was when he was just 12 years old, his father murdered his mother.

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