Clay Higgins became a local (then national) celebrity for the way he tough-talked criminals, and now Mississippi may have their own 'Uncle Clay.'

The small town of Tchula, MS has a population of around 2,000 people, but there is still crime—crime that Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton has simply had enough of.

So he's hitting up social media with a message for all the bad guys.

Between an 87-year-old man being robbed in his home to a 47-year-old wheelchair bound man being murdered, Hampton vowed to track down those responsible on social media.

According to Fox8, the autopsy report showed the wheelchair bound man, Clarence Blue, died of natural causes, but Hampton says his investigators have evidence that support his theory that Blue was killed.

In addition to Blue being found bloodied in his wheelchair outside of his home back in May, Hampton said other clues point at murder.

Three-foot wide puddle of blood, then there's the evidence there were blood soaked jeans, blood soaked shirt, so the whole scene said foul play

Not everyone agreed with Hampton's "tough talking ways"—for example, the Greenwood Commonwealth who posted a message directed at the Tchula Police Chief that set him off, provoking him to write this open letter:

Hampton gave the suspects one last chance to turn themselves in and when they didn't, he started hauling them in.

And it didn't stop there.

Chief Hampton's posts are reminiscent of the ones many enjoyed from Clay Higgins during his run as the St. Landry Crime Stoppers spokesman.

Read them all here.


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