Here's a blast from the past from Ministry. Before frontman Al Jourgensen became the twisted mastermind of industrial metal, Ministry released a synth-pop disc called 'With Sympathy' in 1983. Now, Uncle Al has just shared an unreleased song, 'Anything for You,' from those sessions.

It's been claimed that Ministry were pressured into going for a more synth-pop sound by their record label on that first album, and we're more than thankful that Jourgensen broke off to explore his harder-hitting industrial realm, creating classic works like 'Filth Pig' and 'Psalm 69' that we celebrate today. For many, 'With Sympathy' isn't even considered to be a true Ministry album, but this hasn't stopped Jourgensen from offering 'Anything for You.'

Early this morning (Dec. 15), 'Anything for You' was posted on Ministry's Facebook page. The post appeared with the text:

Are you ready for a rare, never before released song from 'With Sympathy'? Ministry Monday Double Dose has come to it's end, but we have more rare remiXXX's headed your way. Let's get these motherf--kin downloads going. Anything For You. Nuff' said...

In other Ministry news, the act is set to invade North America in 2015. After speaking about it for some time, dates were finally announced, with Ministry booked to travel through the U.S. and Canada beginning May 3 in Dallas.

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