The Saints weren't the only ones who were robbed after the NFC Championship game.

Emma Stiefel ordered a signed Michael Thomas jersey for her boyfriend's 30th birthday, but thanks to a lowlife thief, it never made it past her front doorstep.

The Saints wide receiver caught wind of her tweet and decided he would personally help to right the wrong that had been done. You see, Mike had every right to be mad at the world just three days after being screwed over in the NFC Championship game by one of the biggest sports debacles in history.

But instead, he wanted to take care of a Saints fan.

A few days later, this amazing situation just came full circle—ironically as Roger Goodell was giving a ton of lip service over the non-call in his Super Bowl week 'State of the League' press conference.

I'm a homer, but this is why it's hard for me to agree with anyone who says the Saints and their fans need to "just get over it." Unless you're a true fan, you really can't comprehend how closely bonded this city and their fans are with the New Orleans Saints.

If you go back in time, you can find numerous situations like this one and lord knows how many others we've never heard about. This is also the exact reason why the Saints and their fans will bounce back from this and come back stronger.

Mad props to @CantGuardMike for making this dude's birthday a good one!

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