In a new lengthy video clip posted by Metallica, the metal band takes you behind the scenes at their meet and greet at one of their Canadian tour stops Edmonton, Alberta. Additionally, the video invites fans into Metallica’s intimate tuning room on tour and shares live footage of one of their biggest hits from the show that night (Aug 17) – the first of two shows there.

The clip starts off with meet and greet footage where drummer Lars Ulrich meets up with a fan who emphatically defends the ‘Lulu’ collaboration with Lou Reed – widely panned by critics and fans alike.

It’s always fun to watch a legendary act brush up on their chops, and the footage from the tuning room in this clip shows just that. Highlights include drummer Lars Ulrich chiming in to say, “Can’t we play something fun? Something that’s fun to play?” The four members look at each other for a few moments and then call on an outside source to throw song ideas at them to warm-up – something most fans would jump at the opportunity to do.

The video concludes with an up close and pro audio live clip of Metallica performing ‘The Memory Remains.’

The Edmonton shows preceded the three show run in Vancouver where the band recorded their 3-D movie.

Watch Metallica Perform ‘The Memory Remains’ in Edmonton, Alberta

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