Holy balls! One of the fabled Metallica pinball machines has finally been revealed in full. In a new video posted by Stern Pinball, the entire machine is explained and showcased, with a ton of Metallica tracks and references ripe for the paddling.

Metallica revealed last month that custom pinball machines were in the works. The musicians of Metallica, especially guitarist Kirk Hammett, are avid pinball fans, so if KISS can have a pinball machine, why not Metallica?

"After year's of playing on Kirk [Hammett]'s machines at HQ, we jumped at the idea when Stern Pinball came to us with some designs and ideas some time ago," Metallica write on their official website. "The machines will include 12 'Tallica songs with 'Master of Puppets,' 'One' and 'Fade to Black' among them. Features will include an electric chair, snake, grave markers and lots of others bells and whistles along with art by our friend Dirty Donny."

Game designer John Borg takes us through one of the three Metallica pinball machines, which integrates albums such as 'Master of Puppets' and 'Death Magnetic' into the machine's gameplay. 'Creeping Death,' 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' 'Fuel,' 'Master of Puppets,' 'The Unforgiven,' 'Seek and Destroy,' 'Battery,' 'Sad But True,' 'Enter Sandman,' 'One,' 'Fade to Black' and 'The End of the Line' are all included to complete the machine's soundtrack.

Check out the very first video of Metallica pinball in the player below.

Metallica Pro Pinball from Stern Pinball

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