When we look back on the year 2020 there is no doubt that we will look back with a bit of disdain and disgust, However, if you play your cards or I should say your ping pong balls right then 2020 could be a banner year for you. Especially if you enjoy the games presented by the Louisiana Lottery.

The country's two most popular lottery games, Mega Millions and Powerball, have taken a hit in this pandemic year of 2020. As many people held back on lottery purchases early in the pandemic lottery officials tweaked the rules that would allow the jackpots to reflect the number of players playing as opposed to automatically increasing jackpots or starting the jackpots at a higher level.

Just to be clear the Powerball game has had four big money winners this year. The last winner was in September when a partnership of players collected $94.8 million. Before that, there was a $22 million winner in June and a $70 million winner in February.

There was a $396.9 million win in January but most of that money was from pre-pandemic play in 2019. The current Powerball jackpot of $363 million is almost at that level and remember this jackpot started at $20 million while the January jackpot started at $40 million.

On the Mega Millions front, the estimated jackpot for that multi-state lottery game is $376 million for Tuesday night's drawing. That game has had five big jackpot winners so far in 2020. The most recent Mega Millions win came September 15th when a jackpot of $120 million dollars was won on a ticket sold in Wisconsin.

The June Mega Millions Jackpot topped out at $414 million, that's the largest prize the game has awarded this year. Should we get a winner on Tuesday it would be the second-highest amount awarded for the year.

As always we encourage you to play these and any game of chance responsibly. If you or a loved one has a gambling problem please call .

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