If you've ever had a McFlurry from McDonald's, you know how easy it is to mistake the spoon that comes with the McFlurry, as a straw.

McDonald's admits it's a quirky design. The spoon that comes with a McFlurry is hollowed at the top end making it appear to be a straw as well, but it's not. That's simply where the spoon attaches to the McFlurrie machine to stir your McFlurry before it's handed to you. Really efficient design for McDonald's, a bit confusing for customers.

So here's what McDonald's is going to do. On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the fast-food giant will give a free Caramel Brownie McFlurry to anyone who has ever confused the McFlurry spoon for a straw.

No questions asked, no lie detector tests. McDonald's is making the offer good for one day only using the McDonald's app. A code will be made available for you to scan. No purchase will be necessary.

While we can't change the iconic hollow spoon (a key piece of the mixing process), we can help ease the sting of your facepalm upon figuring out how to use it.-McDonald's Company Statement

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