Following in the footsteps of his father, Matt McCullough has been named the head football coach at Acadiana High School.

From The Daily Advertiser, currently, McCullough is the head coach for Acadiana's baseball team. He'll finish out the current season in that position, and then take over the football team. Assistant Coach Clay Coutier will take his place as head baseball coach.

Acadiana High principal David Lejeune hoped that Coach Ted Davidson would stay for a few more years, but is happy that they brought McCullough in as the baseball coach. The transition should be smooth.

Lejeune says, "He has a great relationship with the kids and the kids play hard for him. We're fortunate that he’s been a part of the program since he was born basically."

McCullough played quarterback at Acadiana High as a student. He has been the offensive coordinator for the past three years after a stint at Comeaux High.

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