There's a new fad trending on TikTok currently that challenges students to destroy school property and then post about it. Some Acadiana high schools have been vandalized by students taking the "Devious Licks" challenge. One Acadiana high school is cracking down.

Parents of Acadiana High School (AHS) students received this recorded phone message today.

The restrooms will be closed and locked for the final five minutes of each class period, during class transitions and for the first few minutes of each class. This will allow teachers to write hall passes for each student who wishes to use the restroom, to keep track of who is in the restroom each time during the day and how long they were outside of the adult supervision. This will increase safety for students and reduce the issues we've been experiencing with long lines, student disciplinary infractions, as well as vandalism in the restrooms. AHS

Students will still be able to use the restroom when needed. If a student has an emergency, the restroom will be open.

These are simply heightened regulations that are being executed so that AHS can monitor students more closely and protect the school from vandalism until the TikTok challenge craze subsides.

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