Maynard James Keenan has been met with criticism due to his staunch views on not allowing pictures or video to be taken by fans during Tool, A Perfect Circle or Puscifer shows. With widespread Internet access covering the entire globe, fans can now know the exact set list, special effects and all the other intricate parts of a band’s live show. It’s frustrating for fans not to document their concert experience with their cameras, but after seeing Puscifer’s live show, we 100-percent agree with what Keenan is trying to preserve.

A Puscifer concert is just as much of an experience than that of Tool or A Perfect Circle, if not more so. The fact that Puscifer creates a Broadway-worthy production around their music delivers a unique atmosphere of which fans wouldn’t normally associate with Maynard James Keenan. The surprise along with the imaginative detail of the show feels like a fresh breath of Arizona air as Puscifer lead their audience through laughter, tears and reflective enlightenment throughout one night’s performance.

Puscifer’s only official and permanent member is Maynard Keenan, but it seems delusional to believe that the mastermind would let go of co-vocalist Carina Round, who also opened the Asbury Park, N.J. show with her own solo set. The sultry and immensely talented singer showcases a rare warmth, which complements Keenan’s voice in a smooth and euphoric fashion — especially during the more heart-wrenching tracks such as ‘Monsoons,’ ‘Oceans’ and ‘Telling Ghosts.’

We would love to share all the ornate details of Puscifer’s show with you, but the experience is far more fulfilling when you enter the theatre only with the songs in your head — submitting yourself to Keenan and his vision. Maynard James Keenan’s most vital skill is his ability to make an audience tap into themselves and discover masses of introspective depth. Just as he does with Tool and A Perfect Circle, Keenan continues to spiral out in a genuinely innovative and masterful coil.

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