In the world of heavy metal, when you hear the words “bitchin’ rack,” our dirty minds tend to kick into high gear. However, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain may be the only rock star on Earth whose mind goes directly to food. In fact, the drummer was just honored with the ‘Best Ribs’ award by the Broward/Palm Beach New Times for the racks McBrain serves at his restaurant, Rock N’ Roll Ribs.

“Though the interior of the restaurant looks more like an Iron Maiden shrine in a teenaged boy’s bedroom than a rib joint,” begins New Times, ”this place knows barbecue. The coma-inducing combination of crispy charred pork slathered in the restaurant’s sticky, sweet, and tangy barbecue sauce is a recipe for one totally bitchin’ rack.”

You just thought about boobs again, didn’t you?

In a 2010 interview McBrain spoke about type of customers who grace the threshold of Rock N’ Roll Ribs and the reason they keep coming back. “It’s not just Maiden fans that come in,” says McBrain. “We do get a lot of pilgrimages, people come in and look at all the stuff on the walls, but most people that come in always come out satisfied. And it’s not major expensive. A rack of ribs is $16, and you get a pound and a quarter to a pound and a half of ribs.”

Iron Maiden are set to once again conquer North America with their upcoming ‘Maiden England‘ tour. As the third part of the band’s ‘History of Maiden’ concert series, the band will begin their ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’-based endeavor on June 21 in Charlotte, N.C.

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