This could be the perfect ending to this damn clown epidemic! The Batman has come to the aid of children (and adults) who fear the clown.

By now, everyone is aware of all of the clowns being spotted, not just statewide, or nationally, but globally. I would think that most people would agree that enough is enough.

There's only one person I could think to call to take care of insane clowns...NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA...BATMAN!!!

Batman has left Gotham, and landed in the town of Whitehaven, in Cumbria, England. After reports of children being traumatized because of all of the clown sightings, a costume shop called Cumbria Superheroes send in The Dark Knight.

It appears a superhero has swooped in, determined to help youngsters sleep easy tonight. Cumbria Superheroes, a costume company, has sent ‘Batman’ out and about on the town’s streets to fight off the evil clowns. The man behind it insists he is not a vigilante, but is hoping to give children some reassurance that they are safe. [Via]

People can now sleep tight knowing that The Bat is looking after them!

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