What was a simple college graduation trip turned into something horrible for a Oregon man. 23-year-old Colin Scott from Portland, Oregon and his sister Sable Scott, were vacationing in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming where Colin lost his life by falling into a hot acidic basin in the park.

Scott and his sister were looking to "hot pot", which means to soak in the steaming waters which is forbidden by the national park. According to Sable Scott, her brother fell into the Norris Geyser Basin after he slipped while checking the temperature of the hot spring which has highly acidic waters.

She tried to rescue her brother but was not successful. After the incident was caught on cellphone video, Sable contacted the park authorities to attempt to rescue her brother. During the search party, lighting halted the search and when they returned to look for him, the basin's acidic and hot waters disintegrated his body.

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