Here's some advice.  Next time you're in Australia and you find yourself a little short on cash, don't think that you can just walk into this noodle restaurant with a knife and walk out with their cash!  You know why?  Because the owner of the restaurant may have two knives.  And you only have one!  That's pretty much what happened for this down-under crook.

He went into a noodle restaurant and showed the guy behind the counter the knife he had tucked into his belt and demanded cash.  The guy behind the counter was the owner of the restaurant and played along.  He then went to the back of the restaurant to get the cash, but came back wildly swinging two meat cleavers!  The store owner was yelling, "You have one knife.  I have two!" while chasing the dude.  Well, it worked, because the crook high-tailed it out of there and ran across the street and tried to hide in a convenience store.

Police tracked him down pretty quickly and arrested him.

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