It's not uncommon for musicians to have admiration for their peers, but Machine Head's Robb Flynn recently heaped some praise on Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe that had very little to do with his musical ability.

Flynn used his weekly journal to discuss his admiration of the rocker's honesty in the midst of his recent legal plight and he also praised his work as an aspiring photographer upon checking out Blythe's Instagram feed. The Machine Head frontman stated, "If you didn’t already know, Randy became an amateur photographer when he went sober; I'm assuming to keep his mind occupied … He's always been an inspired writer, great lyricist, and just a really all-around smart dude. But the writing he's put up alongside the Instagram pictures while he was in Prague awaiting his trial ... it's truly some of the most emotionally honest and raw writings I've come across in forever. It was so painful, almost uncomfortable to read. The rollercoaster of emotions he's been on, it's powerful stuff. Everyone should read this."

Flynn cited one particular posting on Blythe's feed in which the rocker spoke about crossing the Legion Bridge to see the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and how the scenery reflected how he felt -- as a man torn in half, stuck between two worlds. For the photo and Blythe's account, check here.

The Machine Head leader said he felt inspired after hearing that Blythe had started a "gratitude list," making note of all the things he felt thankful for. Flynn says that's an idea he's interested in, and he feels it will help him in his own struggles with sobriety.

"I'm gonna make my first 'gratitude list' tomorrow," explained Flynn. "I think I need that in my life right now. Inspired, in part, by 'witnessing' Randy's ordeal/journey through Instagram and also in the fact that I’ve been 'on the wagon' for over 70 days now. Although I have come up 'a bit short' at times, it’s something that has been working for me during this REALLY stressful past couple of weeks, months. I’ve realized that I think about having a drink everyday. I’ll think to myself, 'It’s just to escape for a bit,' but the truth is, I want to drink and I want to escape it all, all the time lately. It's crazy to me how much I think about it. Maybe I'll get to a place where I can control it again and have a few drinks and a little fun. But, maybe, I'll never be able to control it again and have to accept the fact I’m better off without it. Who knows??! I don't … but either way, there's always something to be grateful for. What are you grateful for?"

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