Here are 10 deeply romantic rock and metal lyrics.

Every metalhead’s first true love… is metal. There is nothing quite like the first time your ears are subjected to the sweet sounds of loud, distorted guitars, and rigorous vocals singing about mass destruction… or Satan. Us heavy metal lovers have an eternal and even intimate bond with our own playlists, however, at some point in our lives, we are inevitably forced to attempt to find love with another human. And that makes us feel all soft and shit.

But have no fear!

Between rhythmic ballads with lyrics of hatred, church burning, loneliness, war, destruction and misery, there’s actually also a fair amount of incredibly romantic hard rock and metal tunes to serenade your lover with.

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Metal can get just as sappy as it can get evil. Here’s some of my own personal recommendations for some music to set the mood for Valentine’s day, whether you’re wining and dining with gothic velvet and candles, or you’re throwing up the horns while you pound away in the back of a pickup truck.

10 Deeply Romantic Rock + Metal Lyrics

Let the lyrics seduce you.

Gallery Credit: by Joanna Angel

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