It was meant to be a decision in the interest of personal safety. It turned into a minor firestorm and a public relations nightmare for LSU football. Except this time it was about the time during the game when the Tiger football team was off the field.

Officials at LSU announced several days ago that visiting team's bands would not be allowed to perform at Tiger Stadium at halftime. The reason given was that there was not enough room on the sidelines for players, coaches, equipment, and the members of two marching bands.

This decision was basically panned across the country. Many pundits asked the LSU powers that be to reconsider their decision and they did.  Eddie Nunez who is LSU Deputy Athletic Director told the Louisiana Radio Network that a change in seating for the visiting band should alleviate any safety concerns.

What we’re looking at doing is opening up access for them from the seating bowl directly onto the field. What this will do it give us an opportunity to not have to have them stage on the field prior to the end of the half.

Nunez suggested in his comments that changes in seating for the LSU faithful would be minimal. He also explained that this was not some sinister plot by LSU to limit the spirit of the opposing team. Others suggested that opening a few hundred more seats might not be bad for the LSU athletic economy too.

I think the biggest thing is letting our fans know this wasn’t a plot or something to stop visiting team bands from coming to Tiger Stadium.

The Tiger Band will always perform first at Tiger Stadium this should give the opposing team's band the time they need to assemble on the sidelines and prepare for their performance.

I love college football. LSU football is especially energizing. I am glad there was a wonderful outcome to this because besides the Golden Band from Tigerland there are some very outstanding marching bands across the country. If we missed the chance to see these talented student musicians perform it would truly be a shame.


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