Lafayette Parish public schools will finally get back to class after Labor Day, and even at this point you may still have a few question about the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to COVID-19 and the late start to the Lafayette Parish school year, the LPSS school year calendar has been revised when it comes to holidays, teacher in-services and more.

Lafayette Parish 2020/2021 School Year Calendar

If your eyes are bad like mine, you can view the PDF file at Revised District Calendar FY2020-2021, 8-4-2020.

There's also the calendar of when student groups. As you'll see in the September, what days of the week your child or children physically go to school depends on what group they're in.

Students with an odd-numbered address will attend on A days (Monday, Wednesday and alternating Fridays) and students with an even-numbered address will attend on B days (Tuesday, Thursday, and alternating Fridays).

September LPSS Schedule

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