The sight of a naked body scares some people. Especially if that naked body happens to be mine. However, this is not about some horror movie, this is about a place where being nude is a choice and based on the website people seem to have a good time living au naturel. 

When you think of places in Louisiana where a nudist resort would likely be what city comes to mind? New Orleans is known for its nudity but that's more of a bawdy kind of nakedness. How about Slidell? Sure, why not Slidell? Well, that's where you will find Indian Hills Nudist Park.

The website for the park boasts the resort as,

...a private, gated park where everyone is invited to enjoy the relaxation, the outdoors, amenities, events, and our fantastic community.

First, I am glad they have a gate. Second, it sure does seem to be tempting fate in the form of mosquito bites by offering a larger target. Third, except for the lack of clothing, Indian Hills appears to be as much fun as any other campground.

The resort has cabins you can rent. They have activities you can do. You know things like fishing, boating, and karaoke.

I wonder why we all get so freaked out about being in our birthday suits? It's the way we were born. Most of the people on social media seem to want to photograph themselves almost naked. Yet, we as a society seem to think there is something "dirty' about the way the Almighty made us.

I have visited a nude beach. I have to admit it was kind of uncomfortable for a few minutes. Then it was just like any other beach trip. I fell asleep and wished I had applied more sunscreen. Yes, the sand did find it's way into that special place just like when you wear a bathing suit.

Would I recommend visiting a nudist park? Over a trip to Alexandria or to Walmart yes. Over a seafood platter or a nap no.  I guess a place like this is all about your attitude and your personal comfort level. For me seeing myself in the buff in the mirror is just a reminder I have some ironing that needs to be done.


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