Interstate 14, also called the "14th Amendment Highway", the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway and the Central Texas Corridor has taken another step in the right direction towards becoming a reality.

The goal of I-14 is to "bring Interstate 14 through Alexandria and Fort Polk. I-14 would connect forts and ports starting in Texas, through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia" as reported by KALB.

Obviously, having a major interstate running through Central Louisiana would be a really good thing for that part of the State.

A really good thing that CENLA really needs.


Part of the new I-14 has actually already been built in Texas.

In 2020, the House officially designated the I-14 project and project funding in the FAST Act (Fixing America's Surface Transportation). However, with a new President and Congress, the I-14 project has been sort of pushed to the side for the moment.

Deborah Randolph, President of the Cenla Chamber of Commerce tells KALB she and other local officials are currently working with both the House and the Senate on getting the proper congressional designation for the I-14 project to move forward.

Randolph says she and local officials are hoping for a vote to move forward happening sometime in September.


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