According to a study, Louisiana scored just below the top of the list as the nation's second fattest state in the nation.

Louisiana was ranked second only to Mississippi in the study that considered data from the Centers for Disease Control, the Physical Activity Council and several university professors.

Of the top 10 states on the list, the only state not located in the Southern U.S. was North Dakota.
The Weight Problem in Louisiana (1=Worst; 25=Avg.)



6th – % of Adults Who Are Obese
2nd – % of Children Who Are Overweight
4th – % of Children Who Are Obese
5th – % of Residents Who Are Physically Inactive
10th – % of Residents with High Cholesterol
2nd – % of Adults Eating Less than 1 Serving of Fruits/Vegetables per Day
12th – % of Residents with Diabetes
1st – % of Residents with Hypertension
10th – Death Rate Due to Obesity

Colorado and Hawaii rounded out the bottom of th list, making them the healthiest states, according to this study.

Click HERE to read more on the WalletHub study and see how all 50 states rank.

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