Good job, Louisiana! In the latest obesity rankings, we're dropping!

According to a study done by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America's Health, in 2013 the rate of obesity in adults in Louisiana was at 33%, which put us at number six in the country! Back in 2012, we were at number ONE, with the obesity rate at 34.7%

To put another number on it, Louisiana now has 56,000 LESS obese people.

According to a report, obesity rate in the state was 25.8% in 2004, while it was 12.3% in 1990. According to Lane, Louisiana has enough obese adults to fill the Super Dome 16 times.

While it's not a huge decline, it's still a decline, and I consider that progress!

Have you changed anything in your life that made you lose some weight in the last year?

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