National Lost Dog Awareness Day is on Sunday, April 23, 2017, and a national organization has a reminder about lost dogs.

A national organization reminds you that not all "stray" dogs are homeless dogs. According to  Lost Dogs of America, over 42,000 reunions have happened since 2011. The organization also lists why it is important to find the owners of any dog you happen  to find:

Getting lost dogs home reduces stress on the owner and the dog and reduces work for staff at shelters/animal control facilities and rescues, which saves taxpayers’ money for animal care, and opens up cage and kennel space for truly homeless dogs. - Lost Dogs of America


Lost Dogs of America, according to its website, is:

 a coalition of states, (which) has documented over 42,000 reunions since 2011. LDOA facilitated these reunions by providing tips to owners, by using FaceBook pages for individual states, and by providing free flyers courtesy of

LDOA proclaimed the day to allow rescue organizations and shelters across the country spread the word about the animals in their care who still need to be reunited with their families.

Facebook/Lost and Found Pets Acadiana
Facebook/Lost and Found Pets Acadiana

Help us help the lost and found pets here in Acadiana by sharing, on Facebook and other social media, the Lost and Found Pets Acadiana Facebook page. It has been helping reunite lost owners with their pets for a few years now, and is tied to our radio station brands.

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