Look at this adorable dog! His name is Franklin and he has lost his owner. Franklin is loud but very friendly. Have you seen Franklin?

On March 13, 2022, Franklin was lost in the Youngsville area near Saint Anne Catholic Church located at 201 Church Street.

Franklin is a white peekapoo with light brown spots. He's tall for his breed. He could not possibly be any cuter.

If you know of Franklin's whereabouts, please contact his owner. And if you have a lost or found pet please report it locally to PawBoost.


Suggestions that Work to Help Lost Pets: 1. If you have found a pet, please have the dog/cat scanned for a microchip. Any vet will scan (free of charge). Including the emergency vet (open 24 hours). Lafayette Vet Care Center. If your lost pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company right away. 2. Put a BIG sign in the area where you found the dog/cat, or in your front yard, if you've taken in or if you have lost a pet, in case someone is driving around looking for their lost pet or for the owner of a pet they found. If your lost pet is a cat, put their litter box, food, and water outside. 3. Put fliers all around the area and at vet's offices, for a pet you've lost or for a pet you've found. 4. Post on the Facebook page "Lafayette, Louisiana-Lost Dogs, Cats, and Pets" and similar FB pages in your area. Be sure to check other posts on the page, to see if someone is looking for a pet you've found, or if someone has posted about a pet they found, that you lost. On some pages, this is under "Visitor's posts". 5. Get the Nextdoor app, and post on it. 6. Make your Facebook posts PUBLIC so people can share. Check the comments. Someone may have information. 7. Include your CONTACT INFORMATION in your posts (your phone number). It does not do any good without contact information. We are not all "friends" on FB and cannot contact the finder/owner. 8. Include EXACTLY where the pet was found or lost. City, street name and specific area of the city or parish. 9. GO TO the animal shelter and look for your pet or hang a flyer about a lost/found pet. Don't call - the front office staff cannot help you. Go there and bring a flier with the pet's photo and your phone number. 10. The Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center's website is here: www(dot)lafayettela(dot)gov/lascc. Click Lost and Found and then Search the Shelter to see the animals who are there now. Is your pet there? (It's always better to go there in person, if you can, and speak with someone and see the animals there. Sometimes the photos are not great, especially of a scared cat or dog.) Thank you! -Patty M.

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