Together, Jason Bienvenu and Brandon Gary created Spero Studios which plans to bring the joys of the 4-inch action figures of the 70's, 80's, and 90's back to the masses!

Animal Warriors of The Kingdom is the first offering from Spero Studios is inspired by Bienvenu's comic book, The Kingdom, where animals have evolved in human's absence.

They have put up a Kickstarter to help finance a very tangible dream.

Series one features the main protagonist, Pale, and his Spectral Variant as well as 4 army builder characters to fill out the ranks of your ape armies! Each figure features 18 points of articulation as well as weapons and accessories.

The Kickstarter has every piece of information about the action figures from articulation specs, to weapon sets, and even packaging.

Kickstarter/Spero Studios

They also say where the funding will go (manufacturing, tooling, shipping, etc.). It's quite obvious that these two have put a whole lot of thought into their product.

If you choose to pledge for the project, they are offering a Kickstarter exclusive glow in the dark Pale!

Kickstarter/Spero Studios

If you'd like to help out a local business make their dreams a reality, feel free to check out their Kickstarter or Facebook page.